Open houses will cautiously resume under BC’s new safety guidelines. In our current market we are seeing increased activity and a very active market of consumers viewing properties. We want to ensure everyone can be safe and still have opportunities to view their prospective properties as needed.
Please review the steps below before considering any open houses for your protection and others.

1. Prescreen the property

Before choosing to attend a physical open house, do your online research with your Realtor to ensure it is a good fit for you! Walk or drive the neighbourhood during different times of day to make sure it is somewhere you can see yourself living.
New technology, like live-streaming, virtual tours, 3D cameras and digital floor plans can effectively show you what is inside the home without having to enter it.
Ultimately the best thing to do is talk to a Realtor as they would have access to the building documents and comparables for the property so that you have all the information needed to move ahead.

2. Qualification

Put yourself in your target seller’s shoes. If you are viewing their property among multiple others, and you haven’t gotten pre approved or are in good understanding of your purchase abilities, it can be a drawback. This is especially true in this market!

3. Proper Precautions

You will need to be prepared to wear a mask, have gloves ready and possibly socks. Being conscious of being in someone else’s home whether it is tenanted or owner occupied, this is also to protect you. Please also refrain from touching any surfaces as little as possible. The realtor is available for any questions you may have.

4. You will need to sign in

Keep in mind the Realtor will ask you to sign in when you arrive, this is required for contact tracing.

5. Keep everything clean

Please sanitize your hands before and after attending the open house, as well as washing your hands to prevent touch contact of the virus. As well as keeping a safe distance of at least 2 metres, this may be difficult in some areas of a home so please follow the Realtor’s guidance. I will have hand sanitizer with me if required.
***Be prepared to potentially wait to view the property as there may be others viewing at the same time. ***