Third time is the Charm!

Meeting Steve a year ago and understanding his ideal future condo wasn’t a rush process.
As a renter for the past 15 years he wasn’t in a hurry and keeping in mind his must haves brought us to this building where the 01 plan is the most coveted.
Something caught his eye.

With forever views in a modern building, we first bid on a similar unit last September in multiple offers.
Though a very clean offer, we weren’t the only subject free offer! We moved on and kept an eye out with even hopes of a bargain with COVID circumstance.

A Different Approach

8 months later the 01 came to market again and in our current COVID environment it wasn’t as appealing until a higher up 01 came up and we knew it was the ONE!
Priced to sell, we dealt with multiple offers again but with our subject free offer and having prior experience with the building and listing agent we got the unit!

Search now!

Steve’s advice to others

Be patient but if you see that ONE, be prepared to act fast! We knew that going into multiples that having the cleanest offer was necessary so we took care of having the inspection done before presenting the offer so we could write subject free.

Before writing your offer this means having your finances in order, being well prepared with the building history, and knowing your threshold if a multiple offer situation occurs.